Forgiveness is peace within. It’s the beginning of a healing process that allows you to grow. Forgiveness takes wisdom, knowledge and humbleness. It’s a higher level of maturity in Christ Jesus. Forgiveness feels good to the soul and cradles the heart.

From My Heart: When you hold un-forgiveness, you body aches and develop sickness. To forgive is an act of mercy that blesses you with God’s grace and peace. Real forgiveness does forget. Forgiveness without wisdom is foolishness. Just because you forgive and forget does not mean you have to continue to be hurt and misused again and again. You can give them another chance but only with wisdom guiding you. God said forgive as I have forgiveness you. If you forgive not, you are not forgiven by God. God forgives a sincere heart. That doesn’t mean that, there will not be consciences to your actions.

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