First Lady

First Lady: She knows her place in Christ; Appears strong but she’s weak in her husband’s arms; When her husband’s faith is thin, she trust God to be his strength, the back bone of her husband and keeps him lifted up in prayer daily. She is the proverb woman with silent power; allows her husband to be the man, the head of her household and still remain the strong woman of God that she is. She is able to pray for the women that lurk in the dark for her husband; able to hug the people of bad intent in sincere love and pray for their soul. She’s watchful, wise, patient, giving, selfless, nurturing, humble, meek, strong, compassionate, submissive, giving, understanding, forgiving, prayerful and she keeps the word of God hidden in her heart to bless others at all times. She is not driven by her emotions or fear. She cares for the sick and does not judge quickly. She completes her husband and the plan that God has for his life; loves her husband as God commands. She is her husband’s conscience in his wrong; praise him in his right and she believes in him because she believes in God and she trust God to bless his heart to do what is right. Her love lifts her husband up and reminds him of the love of Christ. When she is displeased, she is angry in respect, honor and love and in private. Her ministry is the love of God; help mate of her husband; makes the homeless feel like they belong; make sinners feel like they can be saints; feeds the hungry with food and the word of God; receives the naïve and gives them wisdom; embrace the foolish and teaches them the way that they should go. She cares for the elders and led the young. She is the spiritual protector of her husband and family. She knows her husband’s spirit, heart, mind, soul, energy, fear, faults and loves him still. She is not weak; a protector of her home and family.

From My Heart: Pray about all things. Marry a true woman of God. Your actions alone will teach and plant seeds. You are not perfect, be who God has called you to be in spite of, be the woman that God has blessed you to be. I’m sorry that so much is expected of you but you are chosen. God be with you always.

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