Fear is a spirit that plays an imaginary mind game on the heart; A trick of the mind; A moment of insecurity or weakness; A stumbling block or wall to hinder growth. A tactic by the enemy used to discourage, detour and destroy.

From My Heart: Fear is a powerful thing and hard to overcome. Fear knows your weaknesses, the location of every bad memory throughout your body. It has the keys to open every door that hide the things that make us who we are. Fear knows the depth of the soul.

My prayer in the moment of fear: Lord, Jesus, I ask for forgiveness of my all my sin and all the times that I displeased your heart. I can’t do this without You. You said that You would never leave me nor forsake me Lord Jesus and I believe You. Please hold me and mine close Lord, be with us and help us make it through this with a good report. Whatever the outcome Lord, may you have all the Honor and Glory? In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen

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