Being FAIR does not justify an ACT of Kindness. Being fair is about having Charter, Interiority, Dignity, Morals and Values and being a decent human being or having good heart within your-self. When you show fairness, it’s says something amazing about the person you are and who’s you are.

From My Heart: How freaking hard is it to be FAIR and Just, toward another human being or animal? How hard is it to treat people or animals decently, mercifully, compassionately? To be fair regardless of how you where raise; to be fair outside of what you have been taught; to be fair when selfishness is strong within you; to be fair in a circle of people that will judge you and cast you out. To be fair is not easy in a world like today. But being fair makes you feel good about yourself and it makes you a better person inside.

A lot of our unfairness starts before we were born. We just carried the unfairness from their graves. We carried the unfairness from the branches of the oldest trees. Some of us carried unfairness from the womb. Most people in the world, has only 5 years of life without prejudices and unfairness and then it’s embedded like hot iron to a cow’s ass.

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