Evil People

Evil people are evil at heart, at soul. They have no conscience and no mercy; their whole and only purpose in life to make everyone else’s life a living hell. Their spirit is cold. The light in their eyes are dark. Anger is embedded in the soul. Revenge is sweet. They step outside of the human race to get what they want by any-means-necessary. No morals. No values. No respect and No regret. They have no remorse, no love. Secrets run deep in their soul. They see your weaknesses before you realize you have them.

From My Heart: Doing evil is like creating an invisible chain around your own neck, link by link and eventually you lose your mind and hang yourself. The promises of satan are never kept and the price is always death and Hell Bound.

Signs: I can only give you the spirit part of dealing with evil. Their eyes hold no life. Their heart, hold no love. Their words are like a sword, waiting to cut you in half. Their skin maybe cold to the touch in 103 degree weather; one touch of their hand sends fear through your bones. Avoid their presence, their touch. Never underestimate evil person. Pray for them from a distance. Never trust them with your life or love ones.

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