Endure- Not giving up and continue on in good spirit Enduring through the storm with faith comforting your heart Enduring the hard lessons of life with forgiveness, meekness and humbleness Endure till the end and having the willingness to begin again Endure: not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but having faith that it’s there. Endure: Giving up is not an option. Endure: doing your part and trusting God for the rest

From My Heart: To endure something, you must have patience and depend on God for strength, leaning not on your own understanding and leaning not on your views and what your eyes see. To endure, takes the sacrifice of self, believing God for a blessed outcome. To endure, trust God for all things and go through (endure) for the gain of wisdom and knowledge from God which will help you bless others.

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