Distant: Space between you and another; invisible distance when standing face to face; Distant in closeness; silence, holding feelings in, secrets festering inside; needs un-met; seldom eye-to -eye contact and no touching; being in the same room but it feels like empty space- either exist. Each person has taken back their love. No reasons to talk, nothing left to say that will make a difference. Grown apart; nothing can be done; it’s all been done before. Going through the motions of love and everyday life; there is only an effort of politeness and civil kindness. Silence speaks louder than love.

From My Heart: Make a choice to stay or leave. Make a choice to love or not love. Make a choice to hold on to the love you have or let go and go on. Home is where the heart is, if your heart is not there-walk away. Agree to start over, forgive, change, try, talk, sacrifice or agree that it’s over. Life is too short to be unhappy in love. Family, children and friends will adjust and adapt to your decision as long as you’re still being loving in front of them. But know that God is not happy about divorce (love is supposed to endure all things). But God also knows that things happen and we all make wrong choices. I guess it’s just easier or convenient to stamp your situation “Complicated” and expect it to be acceptable. Man-up, Woman-up and make a choice and move on. Love is about compromise to make it work, but love is not “The Compromise”-either you love that person or you don’t.

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