Desperate to be love: take the time to love yourself; until then, no love can love you enough. Desperate to succeed: be patient with yourself and just be ready when it’s your turn to be successful. Desperate to be rich: learn to be faithful and responsible over a little and God will bless you with more than riches. Desperate to be someone you’re not: You will never be anyone more than who you are. There is only one precious you so embrace the fact that God made you unique. Desperate to grow up: Life has a way of changing your heart when body aches start. Desperate to belong somewhere: you will never fit into your surrounding if you’re out of place or out of season.

Desperate to get where you’re going in a hurry: You are, in life and in time, where you suppose to be. Stop trying to jump out the oven (tribulations & storms) before you’re done-learning. Desperate to feel important: be important to yourself, know yourself and your self-worth and stop measuring your self-worth by other’s opinion. Desperate to look like you got all together: when you’re afraid to appear weak; your hell bent on never letting anyone see you cry; you plan your every move to avoid looking incompetent; you’re afraid to be judged by fake people. Desperate to have children: you clock is ticking

Desperate to have children: you clock is ticking a 100 miles a sec. and your body is missing something it never had, missing something it was meant to have… find a way to spend time with other children, babysit, volunteer in the baby ward at the hospital, find a young mother and be a part of her and the baby’s life by being a Mentor or adopt babies until your heart is content. This will prepare you for mother-hood or change your mind. Desperate to be married: Wait on God to bless you with a mate so you and your mate can live in peace and love as God intended. Desperate for a place of your own: I hope you have really thought about things in detail- can you afford rent, electric, water, home insurance, lunch money, breakfast money, dinners, snacks, groceries, medication that insurance don’t cover, car insurance, health insurance.

Desperate but can you afford home repairs, a mortgage, land taxes, income taxes, toll tag, car repairs, afford personal care for a pet, household items, school loans, credit card bills, hospital bills, clinic visits from one night-stands, doctor bills due to neglect and abuse of your body (drinking, smoking, drugs), surgery bills (broken bones, body part or organ that’s screwed up), dental bills. Desperate but did you figure the money spent for selfish friends, money for greedy family members, money for children after the condom breaks, worrying about home security, job security, relationship security, being out on your own and being safe, making mistakes and decisions that alter your for a lifetime, heartache, lies, being fired by crazy bosses, selfish supervisors, lazy co-workers, working like a slave and getting pay like one, unfair laws, unfair politic, unfair system and unfaithfulness… take your time… you ain’t missing a thang.

Desperate to do your own thing: a hard head, stubborn heart and a narrow mind is a bad combination; Doing things your way, being right in your own eyes mean that you’re blind to wisdom. Trusting no one but yourself… in the long run, your alone, the mistakes you made-you can’t undo, you miss the small things and miss blessing by leaning on your own understanding. Desperate to finish school and find a good job- it doesn’t work that way. Getting a job use to be about what you know and how good you were but now it’s about who you know and how you fit in or vib with the person that’s hiring Bottom line is, people hire people according to their fears, insecurities, desires, pride, prejudices and unfair judgment. Good luck in the real world.

Behind closed doors, you’re broken in pieces, worn out, tired and hurting inside. In the middle of your madness, try to find a way to walk away from the rat race, the peer pressure, them that control your life and live in peace. Find a way to do what you love and get paid for it. Find a way to be you. Desperate to erased, undo or go back and change the things that were done. Regret haunts you day and night. Efforts aren’t enough. People won’t forgive or let you forget. All you can do is ask God for forgiveness, forgive yourself and do the best you can to do things the right way for here on.

Desperate to live; Desperate to die; Desperate for freedom…. Desperate is a hunger.

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