Depression/A Sad Heart

Depression is a sadness; A soul filled with regret, a feeling of defeat or fear; A mind captured in a moment of sorrow; A heart drowned in tears.

Depression, for some people is considered a sickness of the mind and has to be treated with medication. For some people, depression can be treated with love, acceptance, prayer and understanding. As a result of heartache, constant pain, failures, disappointments and regrets, depression sometimes becomes a familiar comfort to the heart.

From My Heart: Like poison to the sick, the mind is an easy target to be controlled. It doesn’t take much for the mind to be transformed by a single thought. Like a drop of dye into a tall glass of water, changes or alters the color of the water. The Bible talks about casting down your thoughts. Thoughts can get into your spirit, your heart and alter your direction in life.

Happiness cancels out sadness. Depression is just a frame of mind; cast down your thoughts of hurt, shame, defeat, fear, anger, doubts before the thorn of Grace. If you need medication, please get help.

Lay all of your problems at the feet of Jesus and leave them there. Forgive yourself and set yourself free. Forgive those that hurt you, for, they know not what they do and let God handle revenge. If you need medication, take your medication with prayer. Control your mind. What you think, affects your body, mind, heart, emotions, soul and spirit. Think outside the little black box that you call “your life” and Love yourself.

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