The name Coward is used as a judgmental name for a person who is afraid of doing something wrong. It’s used to attack a person’s pride, ego, moral and value.

From My Heart: When in fact, a Coward is:

1. A person who is abusive to helpless people or animals (preying on the weak to feel strong)

2. Fighting only fighting the battles that you can win (too afraid to take on a challenge)

3. Using others to do your dirty work because you’re afraid to do it yourself

4. Hiding behind a title or label in order to get away with wrong

5. Being someone you’re not to fit in, to get what you want or get where you want to be

6. Being someone you’re not because you’re afraid of change and be better

7. Blaming someone for making feel a certain way; you chose to feel hurt & angry, bitter and heartless because of what they did. Man up, forgive, move on and learn from your mistakes & know your weakness.

8. Being unfaithful because you’ve been hurt or afraid of being hurt

9. A person that follow fools and trends to be like others: gangs, thieves, thugs clothes

10. People that steal (things, ideas, ID, etc….) instead of working for things the right way 11. People who always take the easy way out when things get too tough

12. People who carry the tradition of prejudices from generation to generation, too afraid to change

13. People who are afraid to say “NO” to protect their own hearts, home, kids, mother or father

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