Covered: A shelter of love; a hedge of protection surrounding you. A rainbow of grace, mercy, love, understanding, forgiveness and compassion casting over you at all times. It’s like being covered by the Grace of God; A security blanket of God’s love; Covered by the Blood of Jesus and saved my His grace and mercy; Covered and held tightly in the arms of God every moment of every day. When someone prays for you and pray with you, two or more praying together… God is there. It’s Amazing to be covered.

From My Heart: I’ve only known the covering of God. But I once saw that covering in a relationship. He had to be a man after God’s own heart. Daily, he tried to love as God loves him. His prayers covered his wife like a hedge of protection. His spirit blessed her heart and blessed her ways in Christ. In his distance, she was close. In his silence, his prayers blessed people where ever he went and there was peace. At a touch of his hand, there was healing of the heart, mind, body and soul by God’s anointing flow through him. When he prayed, God heard him. He trusted God for his wife, for his ministry and for his life.

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