Control Freak

Control: Needing to have everything their way or no way; extremely manipulative and conniving; sometimes greedy for money, success, attention; easy to offend and quick to blame; quick tempted or easy to get upset and often violent. In the work place, they spend more time trying to control people than getting work done or control others to do their work for them.

From My Heart: A person that feels the need to control seems to be very insecure and struggle with the fear of not being in control. Control gives a person power and security. Power covers their flaws and fears covered with perfectness. Control is a sign of weakness and a need to be something or someone you’re not. Being in control gives a person a sense fake comfort. Letting go of control, feels like losing ground, losing status, lessen selfworth and alter reputations.

To the person being control: Seek help to find the reasons that you let someone control you. Control is abuse, why do you think it’s healthy for someone to not be able to think for yourself. Love yourself enough to control how someone treats you. Pray and read the word of God to help you realize the problems; Walk away when or if you can, when it’s safe to do so.

To the person that is controlling: Find the reasons behind the need to control and set people from your misery.

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