Consideration is a kind act or thoughts toward someone or something else. It is a moment of compassion and unselfish love. It is an action, motives or reasons. Consideration comes from the heart and treating others as you would want to be treated.

From My Heart: Try opening the door for someone that has their hands full or just open it because you’re the first to reach for the door. At the grocery store, let someone go before you in line because they have fewer items than you. Pull your pants up so other won’t have to look at the crack of your personal part (butt), boxers or underwear. Be patient when there is a handicap sticker on the car in front of you. Be understanding and merciful with the elderly. Don’t use curse words in the presents of an adult, Christian, Pastor, Elderly or young child. Don’t be mean to someone just because you’re having a bad day.

Don’t make noise when someone is sleeping. Be quite in the movie theater.Respect Items in someone’s Home, Store or on someone’s Property. Have mercy on someone that is sick and do what you can. Don’t break someone’s heart or laugh at someone else’s pain. Consider the feelings and emotions of another.

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