Beautiful/Eye Candy

Eye Candy/Trophy: A person of beauty; holding only a visual status; chosen as a perception of physical perfectness.

My heart goes out to you to the beautiful or rich. You never know if you are wanted or loved for you or your beauty. You’re praised in public and often neglected in private. Your beauty is seen before your intelligence is appreciated but your beauty open doors and keep you employed and successful.



Beautiful One. Is it your beauty that blinds me of the truth. My eyes are open but I see nothing wrong but I know it’s there. Is it your beauty that keeps me loving you and keeps me coming back. When I leave I find myself missing the beauty of your face more than anything else. Your beauty set a trap for my heart. Your beauty is the good that outweigh you’re bad. Is there anything beneath your beauty to love or cherish. You opened the doors to the cage but your beauty won’t let me leave.

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