My Children

Thanks to my Children for Loving me even when… Loving me even though….. You love me unconditionally, totally and sincerely. You are both special and unique in your own way. You’re truly my reasons for living. Know that I live for you and I’ll die for you. You’re my laughter when my world is filled with worry, You’re my strength when I’m weak and my joy when I’m sad. Your words “Mom” makes my heart whole.  You needing me, make me feel loved. Your eyes are the eyes of beautiful Angels. Your hugs are the arms of God on a weary day. Thank you Lord, for my children. You make up for all that life has taken from me. You make my life complete and worth living.You’re both, everything I’ve ever wanted to be. So you’ll never lose me because you’re both who I am. We will be one always and forever. When you think of me, smile……because I’m you

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