Closure: Guys, you super-suck at closure! It is so wrong to leave without saying good-bye. It’s wrong to walk away without hearing what she has to say and I understand that you don’t want to feel guilty. It’s nothing easy about good-byes and you guys are the worst at it. Just saying, you suck. It’s ok to say that there is nothing she can say to make you stay. Just say- it’s not what you want anymore. Just say, it’s over and it’s time to move on. Say, not text it. At least call her and say it. Give it at least a month before you are seen with another woman. Be merciful. Don’t be cold and heartless. Expect the worst, let her vent and cry, deal with it and go on.

Ladies you really got to learn to let go when it’s time to let go. Closure is good for us but it’s not easy for men at all. They are not with you because that is their choice. Accept it. Get Angry. Cry. Hurt. Pray and move on. Stop calling. Stop texting and Stop hunting him down. Stop waiting for him to come back. Stop harassing him every time you see him out somewhere. Stop trying to be everywhere that he might be. Stop going to his mother’s house. Stop begging. Stop trying to make him listen to your heart. Stop writing him letters. Try writing the letters to have somewhere to put how you feel. It helps the healing process. Healing takes time. If he leaves, that means it was only for a season, a moment. Let go and let God. Wait to be wanted and appreciated by someone else. You can’t make his heart love you if he doesn’t. You can’t make him stay if he wants to leave. You can’t make him ready if he ain’t. You can’t change the heart of a person with your words, he has to want to stay and love you.

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