Child Abuse

Child Abuse: Mistreatment of anyone’s child, including your own; any verbally, emotionally, neglect, physically, mentally, spiritually or sexually is abuse.

From My Heart: Fathers and Mothers were supposed to, meant to, expected to protect their children from being molested, abused in any way, keep them from harm’s way, keep them from an atmosphere that affect their future in a negative way, keep people away from them who will alter their lives for a life time. Parents are supposed to protect their child’s mind, spirit, body, soul and future because children can’t protect themselves.

From my heart: No matter what situation me and my children were in; in homeless shelters; staying with strangers; living in bad parts of town… I protected my children. I stayed up all night protecting my children. I prayed to protect my children. I live for my children and I am willing to die for my children. I watched over my children day and night and when I couldn’t protect my children, God did. No one protected me in my life so I know what it’s like to go unprotected. God was and has always been my only protector. Have mercy on Children. Children are gifts from God’s heart.

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