Change is taking action to be different than before. Change is not forced. It is a willingness inside that helps you to be different. It happens in a heart and mind of a person that has a desire to change.

From My Heart: Love does not change a heart but love does help the heart to change. Change for the sake of love or motivates-doesn’t last very long. Change to be married-your true selves will show its colors in time to come. Change to be free from bondage or prison- freedom will show up and cause you to be locked down again. I don’t know if any person can truly change without God. Changing without God, your old-self and old-ways will sit on your shoulders and wait for you to fail to crawl back in and take over again.

If you are praying for a change in someone else, remember that, God starts the change from within. That means that you may not see the change that God is doing but have faith and trust that He’s doing His part. In time, you’ll start to see small changes (first) on the outside from the big changes that God is doing on the inside. So don’t get in the way of what God is doing. Don’t continue to talk negative words to that person; don’t keep putting them down; don’t treat them like they are too far gone in sin for God to change them; don’t remind them how they use to be; don’t push them or pressure them. Pray for them. Be Silent.

Trust God. Believe in them and believe for them. Trust God for them. Pray before you speak to them. Believe that all things are truly possible with God. Nothing is too hard for God. Be patient while God is doing what God does. Let God be God.

For some people, it would be easier to crawl back into their mother’s womb than to change from the heart.

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