Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted: When someone breaks your heart, you allowed your heart to be broken. Every time you give your heart, it is always a possibility of hurt. There is always a chance that someone won’t love you the same as the love that you give or give you the love that you deserve. Admitting that you saw all the stop signs and still went into the relationship, the hurt is your fault. Broken hearts were not meant to keep you from loving again or keep you from taking a chance on being loved. Broken hearts are supposed to teach you lessons like: how to love, when to love, what kind of love your dealing with, how much love should you give or if you should love at all. Most times, heartache teaches us to have a hard heart and be distant in love. Future loves pay for the hurt of the past.
From My Heart: Everyone has a time and season to love, be loved, be hurt, be healed and love again. Healing of the heart and mind starts with pray and forgiveness; Letting go and stop being stuck on stupid. People have the right to say goodbye and walk away. Let them go and get over it-it’s called free will. You can’t make someone love you the way that you want to be loved. You can’t make someone appreciate the love that you give. You can’t make someone ready for a relationship if they are not. You can’t make someone stay if leaving is in their heart. And begging only prolongs the hurt (stop trying to control someone with your hurt emotions). Let go and let God heal your heart and life.

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