Blind Blind (not by choice) – restricted vision or no vision at all. Blind-to see and not see. Blind- un-willingness to see- sometimes the past keeps the future in darkness. Blind- when the eyes see and refuse to believe- believing brings about change. Blind to the truth- too painful to accept, accepting the truth cost more than your willing to pay. Blind- seeing what you want to see, seeing what is comfortable, seeing as you have always seen, seeing one way with one mind frame or mentality. Colored blind-Certain colors your eyes cannot see; unable to separate from other colors. Selective Blindness: blind when it’s convenience and seeing when it’s safe to see.

From My Heart: Being blind by choice doesn’t make it any less real. Knowing the truth and not accepting it, doesn’t make it go away. Denying the truth, you are only lying to yourself and others. See. Accept what you see. Take responsibility. Make a choice and make a change. If you need glasses, get some.

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