Loneliness isn’t a sickness that medication or drugs can curse. It’s powerful and deep, overwhelming and endless feeling. Loneliness, in a room filled with a 1000 people….it stands. In a smiling face, it’s there. In the sound of laughter, the loneliness echoes. In silence, loneliness speaks loudly. In the midst of devoted love, it’s there. Loneliness gives being alone a whole new meaning. When someone leaves you alone, only their presence has left from within your reach. When someone fails to nurture your soul and fail to hear your silent cry and aching heart… When someone can’t see you for who you are, then Love is lonely. No matter how you spell it, say it, deny it, hide it…..Loneliness doesn’t feel good to the soul. Only when God’s grace and love fills the heart, than being alone isn’t lonely.
My Reality: Loneliness was the one spirit I couldn’t bear. God had mercy and took it away. I could make it through hurt, being alone, suicidal thoughts, abuse, lost, mistreatment, being homeless, satanic attacks, any fear that tormented me but loneliness was worst than living and dying.

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