Being Alone Loneliness is a state of mine. It causes some people to lower their standards and compromise their values and morals. For some, loneliness drowns wisdom, hide strength and blind the eyes from the truth. Sometimes it’s easier to substitute, compromise or adjust for a Ms. or Mr. Right Now.

From My Heart: People say that there’s someone for everybody, Is there? They say that you will know the Right One, when the Right One comes alone, Really? People say that, when you stop looking for someone or don’t want anyone in your life, that’s when the Right One comes alone, Do they? You rather spend every waking day and night trying to program your mind to believe these things. You constantly try to get your heart to die to all that you desire or deserve as if this will allow love to happen. Sometimes loneliness causes you to hold on too tight, which destroy the chance for love to grow. Sometimes loneliness causes you to make a person you’re everything and you stop thinking about yourself. You make your mate become the things you never had like close family, best friends, father figures, mother figures or a savior-that replaces God. Sometimes in loneliness, you make people your reason for breathing, for living; when in fact, all they really wanted to do, was to date you, hang out with you and get to know you. No one person can be your everything-it’s too much pressure to put on someone and it’s unfair for someone to have to play so many roles to be in your life. Find peace in being alone with yourself. With God’s help, being alone feels a-hell-of-a-lot better than loneliness and being hurt.

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