The Bedroom

The Bedroom: The place where the honesty begin, truth is known in your spirit, clothes come off and every flaw, every problem is felt (you know when something is wrong), mask are off and you got your real face on, your armor is off, every nerve is exposed and fears are seen; a place where secrets pressure the heart with guilt; guilt makes the touch, kiss and embrace feel different; silence speaks louder than words. It’s a place where needs are strong, sometimes un-met and those needs determine what happen outside the bedroom. A place where you shouldn’t take the stress of the day, demons that surrounded you, disappointment or frustrations. A place when you’re Denzel & Halle Berry becomes just a man and just a woman. For some, it’s the only time you feel loved and appreciated. The bedroom: a place where your strength to tolerate shortcomings and craziness of your mate.
From My Heart: The bedroom should be a place of mercy, forgiveness, security, unselfishness, humbleness, respect, honor and submission; A sacred place; A place of compassion, passion, romance, selfless love, sincere affection, caringness, patience and mercy; A place of sacrifice without bitterness or regret, sharing the things that happen or tempt you during the day before it contaminate your relationship and home later; Standing before each other, stripped of pride and no insecurities or neglect; A place of peace, honesty, respect, no fear, no lies, no secrets, openness, understanding, one on one love and prayer. A place where needs are met and plans are made. Just love, talk and listen to eachother with your heart.

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