Be Still

Be Still: In most of our lives, Being Still is not an option: We start our day stressful; work 2 or 3 jobs; work with people that get on your nerves all day long; we take care of family; be there for friends; help strangers; provide for those that are less fortunate; adjust our lives ups and down; hustle to stay afloat; try to find ways to beat the system; try to find loop-holes to get rich; try to make the best out of being where we are in life; raise children the best we can; try to be someone we’re not in order to stay in the game; spreading ourselves thin for the cause.

From My Heart: Some of us never stop to breathe or notice the beautiful things around us; or stop to think of a better way or different way of doing things; or stop to think about how and what we do affect others; or stop to evaluate our situation and make a positive and healthy change; or stop focusing on the wrong things and get our own lives together; or stop getting so wrapped up in drama and try make a different in people’s lives. Be still. Be quite. Sit down in a comfortable/peaceful place and breath. Listen to relaxing music. Learn to rest your mind. Hide from your busy life. Take your watch off and turn the clocks off in the house and clear your schedule. Put the crazy and needy people on hold for a couple of days. Take time to admire things that you never notice before. Take a walk in the park. Sit still and look at a window. Do things that you use to enjoy doing (painting, music, drawing, etc….

Find some peace or something that makes you happy; find things to do alone and enjoy being with yourself. Give your mind and body a rest from YOU. Be still and give God some of your time and take time to listen more than you talk. Learn to let go and let God be God.

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