Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy (Still Attached) A Baby Daddy is a man who has had a child or children by a woman. He seems to be still obligated to cater to, not only the children but his baby momma (mommas). It’s hard to tell where the old relationship ends and the new one begin-they cross over into each other. He tries to make both present and past relationship a priority. He has one foot in cement (stuck in the past) and the other foot trying to walk into a better future.

From My Heart: I believe that when a woman carries a man’s child, his blood, not only flow through the baby’s body, it flow through the body and heart of the woman that carries it. Having children bond you in a deep way and disconnecting is extremely hard. But rules and sacrifices have to be made in order to go on with your life. There has to be limitations and restraints. Try to understand your Man’s position as a Man, as a Father, as a Daddy, as a Husband/Boyfriend, as a Provider, as a Protector and an Ex. Try to understand his responsibilities and obligation but also try to remember that he is only one man trying to do the right thing by everybody. At some point, baby-daddy will have to pay the cost for the decisions that he makes/made. Unfortunately, the children have to pay for the mistakes of their parents.

A Father’s love is just as important to a child’s life as the love of a Mother. Every child need both to balance out their lives and help them adjust by the wisdom of both.

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