Wisdom & Life

Addiction-Part 1: Addiction is a struggle of good and evil within; It’s a struggle between body, mind, soul and spirit to do what is right rather than wrong; It’s a moment to moment fight to stop giving the body pleasures that it’s accustom too; It’s a struggle within to re-gain control over your body’s need to be satisfied.   Addiction-Part 2: I find that whatever a person experience, rather it be pain (pain to the body or soul) or pleasure (painful or perverted), to some degree, the pain becomes their greatest fear and the pleasure becomes their greatest need. Pain and Pleasure alters a person’s DNA and the struggle begins within between good and bad, right and wrong. The body seems to have extreme power over the mind. Prayer will see you through.

From My Heart: You have to learn to forgive those that plant the seeds that cause or created the addiction in the first place. Start by forgiving yourself. After you overcome, use it to help others and that will help you stay strong. Let go of the people that cause you to fall short. Find positive, caring people to support you. Cast down the thoughts before they reach your heart by saying “God I give this to you because I can’t handle this by myself.’ Learn to love yourself in a healthy way (doing what’s best for you). The fact is, when your finish the abuse, high or drunk: the pain, the hurt, the problems, the tears, the fears and the reasons (excuses) will still be there. You can’t change without God’s help (God changes us from the inside-out).

When God changed me, healed me, it was amazing.

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