Daily Wisdom From My Book Insight

From My Heart Abuse: Verbal, Physically, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental or Sexual Abuse is still ABUSE. There is no Love in abuse. Abusers feel powerful when they are in control or when they make plant fear. The longer you stay, the longer they have the right to keep abusing you. For some, the need to be loved runs deep and some love is better than no love at all.

Poetry: My Last Ass Whippin Laying there on the floor, bruised all over, inside and out, I find myself in a familiar place in my life…. blood running down my face. Every time he lifted his hand to hit me, I felt my life about to end. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, he had pushed me to my limits in love. How many more hits do he think I gonna take before I kill him? How much longer does he think I will walk around ashamed and afraid? Proof of abuse upon my skin: seen by my family, friends, the church and my people on my job. Laying there with my knife against his neck, my knee pressed in his back. I begin to remember everything he did to me, with every thought, the knife pierce his skin. Now, how does it feel, to not be able to move or defend your-self or scream? At this moment I’m feeling in powered and in control of my life. Now, I have to ask myself, do I want to go to jail or let him get up to whip my ass again. Damn, I should have thought this through a little bit better. I let him up. I stood strong with frowns of war on my face and embraced myself to die. In his anger, I saw fear in his eyes and he walked away. I held his life in my hands with no words spoken of the things he did to me. He will remember that I spared his life for the sake of my own. Sparing his life gave me life.

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